13 Moving Animal Monuments Around the World

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13 Moving Animal Monuments Around the World

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1. Germany: Crane Monument

In the German city of Bavaria, erected a crane monument, to warn people, to protect the precious crane, protect the nature of rare species!


2. Greece: Deer Monument

On the Greek island of Rhode, a monument to the deer was erected.It is said that poisonous snakes are overrun here, seriously endangering the lives of residents.Later, the deer stamped on many poisonous snakes with its sharp hooves, which ended the plague of snakes.In recognition of the deeds of the deer, a monument to the deer was set up in the area.


3.France: Pigeon Monument

In Paris, France, there is a pigeon monument, which is built to thank the pigeons for saving their lives.In 1942, a French merchant ship was killed at sea, the external communication equipment was all interrupted, the lives of the people on board were in danger.Fortunately, one of the crew members kept a pigeon, which he released to spread the news of the distress, and the crew was saved.


4.Japan: The Swan Monument

On the Japanese island of Honshu, there is a monument to the swan, which was raised by elementary school students and their parents.In the spring of 1961, a swan from the former Soviet Union became ill and could not fly back. It was taken good care of by Japanese schoolchildren and became their good friend.Three years later, the swan died of illness.But the children could not forget it and built a monument to it.


5.Canada: Wild Goose Monument

On a highway along the eastern coast of Canada, a special fondness for wild geese has been dedicated to a monument.On the top of the monument stands a beautiful wild goose.


6. USA: Sparrow Monument

The Sparrow Monument stands in Boston, USA.In 1860, the farmland of Boston, the United States appeared numerous caterpillars, the grain harvest is hopeless, they introduced some sparrows from Europe, specially to deal with the caterpillars, the results are outstanding.To thank the sparrow, the people of Boston built a monument to the sparrow.


7. United States: Seagull Memorial

One year in Salt Lake City, in the western United States, there was a locust infestation.At that time, a large flock of seagulls came and wiped out the locusts.Therefore, in order to express their gratitude to the seagulls, the local people built a monument with two white seagulls carved on the top of the globe.


8. The former Soviet Union -- Dog Monument

In the courtyard of the Leningrad Institute of Experimental Medicine in the former Soviet Union, there is a "monument to the unknown dog".It was established in 1935 at the request of the biologist Pavlov.Because dogs helped Pavlov develop the great theory of conditioning.The inscription on the pedestal of the dog monument reads: "The dog served the experimenter for many years and even for the rest of his life because of his long kindness, cleverness, patience and taming."


9. The Netherlands: Cow Monument

Dutch cows are famous all over the world.More than 8 million tons of milk are produced in the Netherlands each year, 630 kilograms of milk per person per year.No wonder the Dutch have a special affection for cows.In the city of Luvarden, in the north of the Netherlands, a monument to the cow was erected and affectionately referred to as "Our Nanny".


10. Italy: Donkey Monument

In Rome, the capital of Italy, there is a donkey monument, the monument has the image of a donkey, the special place is the donkey back carrying a cannon barrel.Donkeys are said to have served as the main means of transport for the Italian army during World War I, and were instrumental in many campaigns.


11.Monument to the Mammoth, Russia

In 1839, outside the village of Kureyovk in the Russian province of Sumai, a geotexter's spade struck a hard object. It turned out to be a huge bone.After the Kharkov University experts identified, this is the bones of the extinct ancient mammoths.Two years later, a three-meter-high mammoth monument made of pig iron was erected there.More than 100 years later, another mammoth monument was erected in front of the building of the Institute of Frozen Soil of the Siberian Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk.The mammoth image of the monument is very realistic, with its trunk raised high, as if it were roaring.It was erected to commemorate the discovery of the "frozen carcass" of a mammoth on the local permafrost.They are one of the few ancient monuments in the world.


12.New Zealand: Dolphin Monument

Around 1915, a dolphin "navigator" appeared in the sea near Humbo Harbour in northern New Zealand.The sailors began to feel a little adventurous, and were relieved to follow her into port.He is affectionately known as Aubo-Jack.One day, Jack suddenly disappeared.After a long time, people found his body in the underwater crevices. The local people were so grieved that they covered him with the national flag and set up a bronze monument.


13. Australia: Caterpillar Monument

In the early 19th century, a merchant in Burnag, Australia, brought back a cactus from Argentina.Because this plant can not only be ornamental, but also as a "thorn wall" to guard against wild animals.It was introduced in a race, and by 1925, the cactus boom had taken over 280,000 hectares of land, leaving farmers unable to grow other crops.Then a biologist brought a caterpillar from South America called Cacoolus.This caterpillar is big, the reproduction rate is high, after more than a year, actually will eat a cactus.To thank the caterpillar, the local people built a bronze caterpillar monument.


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