A popular eco-friendly funeral

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A popular eco-friendly funeral

(Summary description)

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In recent years, eco-friendly funerals are becoming more and more popular in foreign countries. Many people think it is a happy thing to return to nature after death.


Imagine a beautiful July morning with butterflies flying through the knee-high grass and bees buzzing among the flowers.An occasional pheasant can be seen poking around a fence in the distance, and it looks like an unspoiled view of the countryside, but there is something unusual about this scene.


Beneath the 36 acres of grass is a graveyard containing about 932 bodies, with more than 2,000 places left.A simple, eco-friendly send-off is sought, and each family member has the choice of being marked with a Welsh stone slab hidden under the grass, or having a tree planted in a designated bush to commemorate the deceased.


Everything the mourners left behind -- from bouquets of flowers to the occasional plastic mementos -- is disposed of. There are no buildings, and the only evidence of human activity is an unremarkable parking lot for the mourners and a wooden sign at the entrance.


Many humanists who love nature are more inclined to choose this ecological funeral.


In 1993, Ken West, then the manager of the Carlisle Cemetery, made headlines when he opened an ecological Cemetery in Carlisle Cemetery as it was the first in the country.It did not arouse the interest of the general public at that time.Today, 26 years later, there are more than 360 such companies.


As people seek to reduce their impact on the environment in their lives, many seek to reduce their impact on the environment in their deaths.Hardwood coffins were replaced by simple biodegradable coffins or shrouds, while gravestones and concrete vaults were completely discarded.To ensure that cemeteries do not destroy natural habitats, the number of burial mementos is kept to a minimum and sometimes not allowed at all.The bodies themselves are not embalmed -- a rule that means chemicals do not poison the soil as they decompose


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