Commonly Used Funeral Supplies(2)

(Summary description)

Commonly Used Funeral Supplies(2)

(Summary description)

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3. Funeral articles for burial shrouds

A shroud is a garment worn for the dead.In order to meet the needs of different consumption levels of funeral service objects, the variety and color of funeral shroud are diversified.The shrouds are made of cotton, hemp, silk, satin, wool and so on.Showers can be divided into traditional and modern, Chinese and western styles. The following are the common types of shrines and related articles:



The shrouds include clothes, trousers and skirts.The garment has long gown, short jacket, mandarin jacket, cheongsam and so on, and has the underwear, the garment, the outer division, the trousers and the skirt all have the long, the short and the Chinese and western various different styles.


Life of cap

Longevity cap is also called longevity crown.Men generally use top hat, skullcap, also have to wear the traditional Qing Dynasty melon skin hat;Women, especially old women in southern China, often wear velvet hats, but not suitable for young and middle-aged women.


Shoes and socks

Shoes are usually Chinese-style cloth shoes or Western-style leather shoes.Life socks are generally cotton socks.


Life of pillow

Life pillow sub head pillow and foot pillow (foot pad), generally made of paper, cloth.According to traditional customs, the headrest is decorated with clouds, and the foot pillow is two lotus flowers, meaning "the head tells the auspicious cloud to rise in the sky, and the foot steps on the lotus to the western sky".


Long life is

Shoudu is a long, narrow quilt covering the body of the deceased. The outer layer is made of cloth or satin.When choosing funeral items for the deceased, pay attention to the number of pieces, styles and colors.


4. Other commonly used funeral articles

In addition to the above three most common funeral supplies, usually often used funeral supplies and coffins and worship supplies.

The coffin

There are two types of coffins, one for carrying the body, one for cremation, and some places where the remains are cremated and then placed in the coffins for burial.The coffins used for transporting bodies or burial are generally closed, and most of them are made of high-density wood or stone, which can effectively prevent the spread of germs caused by the decay of the bodies.Coffins used for cremation are usually made of paper or simple wooden materials, which are convenient for cremation. There are also cremation coffins made of plastic materials.

Worship supplies

Worship supplies include tablet, paper money, incense, fruit and wine for worship, etc.In addition to cremation, burial, emplacement, but also in some important folk festivals (such as Qingming, the lunar calendar on the 15th day of the seventh month) used.They are used on the anniversary of the death of a deceased person, on special occasions for the deceased's family (such as reunion days for long-lost family members), or when funeral service recipients miss their loved ones and go to worship.



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