Commonly Used Funeral supplies(1)

(Summary description)

Commonly Used Funeral supplies(1)

(Summary description)

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Funeral articles commonly used in funeral ceremonies


 Funeral paper and silk are generally used for wreaths and baskets. There are many kinds of flowers used for making wreaths and baskets, including chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, roses, sunflower leaves and so on.


Wreaths are classified according to the materials. Wreaths include three types: paper wreaths, silk wreaths and flowers.Paper wreath, the cost is relatively low, a use should not be mentioned, but many times use and easy aging.In the use of paper wreaths, we should pay attention to the aging problem of the wreaths, to the aging of the paper wreaths to destroy, make a new paper wreaths for the funeral service objects to rent.Silk flower wreath although the cost is higher than paper wreath, but can be repeatedly used.If it is a funeral service object to rent silk flower wreath, pay attention not to let corrosive items touch the wreath when using.Flower wreath, made of fresh flowers, short shelf life, can only be used once.With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for flower wreaths will be more and more large, flower wreaths have gradually replaced the trend of other material wreaths.


 Funeral baskets are both a kind of tribute by relatives and friends.The flower-arranged artwork to express mourning also refers to the carriers of short literary works created to meet the needs of personalized undertakers to express mourning, such as elegiac couplets, wan poems and so on.


It's a vessel used to collect ashes.As the development and utilization of new techniques, new materials and the types of ashes is becoming more and more various, appearance is becoming more and more exquisite, urn, currently on the market are mainly from the material of wood, stone, crystal glass, ceramic, etc., technology for polyester demoulding decals, handmade wood carving, shell carving, Yin carving, relief is given priority to, each category has high, medium and low-grade urn again.


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